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Company profile

The company Polskie Liny Sp. z o.o. (Polish Ropes Ltd.) produces ropes and wires in a factory, whose tradition goes back to 1881. It is interesting that our factory (formerly: A. Deichsel S.A. in Sosnowiec) produced at the beginning of September 1935 all carrying ropes and catlines for Cabin Aerial Ropeway “Kasprowy Wierch” – the first such ropeway in Poland. Such ropes were produced for the first time in our country.

Production of those ropes was supervised by the Lviv Polytechnic National University. And engineers of Ministry of Communication were in charge of the ropeway construction work.

12 steel wire ropes were produced in the factory in Sosnowiec, including:

  • four carrying lock coil ropes; two of diameter D=45 mm, length L=2110 m and two ropes of diameter D=48 mm, length L=2410 m,
  • six lang-lay ropes; among them two haulage ropes, the first of diameter D=21 mm, the second of diameter D=19 mm, and two counterweight ropes, the first of diameter D=19 mm, the second of diameter D=17 mm, and two catlines, the first of diameter D=17 mm, the second of diameter D=16 mm,
  • two stretching triangular ropes, the first of diameter D=41 mm, length L=50 m and the second of diameter D=55 mm, length L=58 m.

All ropes for the ropeway were manufactured by the company “Deichsel” in Sosnowiec within three months.
Experience acquired during many years of production activity, modern technology and highly qualified staff – these make us the leading company in the rope and wire industry. We can meet all requirements of our customers. Our products have many certificates issued by recognized Classification Societies and they meet all Polish and international standards.

Our products are widely used in many fields:

  • construction equipment (excavators, concrete mixers, bulldozers, hoisting winches etc.)
  • technical transport equipment (conveyor drives), crane devices (elevators, windlasses, overhead cranes, jib cranes), ski lifts
  • sea management
  • supporting ropes (mast-guys)
  • carrying ropes (bridges)
  • mining hoisting ropes (carrying and balance) for shaft hoists and other ropes (guide and fender ropes, mining transport systems in flat and sloping excavations) in all mining industries
  • power wires and multi-wire cores for overhead power lines
  • steel wires used in production of wire fencing, nails, screws, tap bolts, rivets, shield wires (building industry), galvanized wires (gardening and floristics)
  • spring wires – for production of springs (automotive industry, agriculture, building industry)
  • wires for tiers ("bead wire")

All of our products have appropriate seals of approval and required manufacturing certificates.


Our ropes and their use:



Polskie Liny Sp. z o.o.
ul. Powstańców 17
40-952 Katowice
Zakład produkcyjny:
ul. Niwecka 2
41-200 Sosnowiec
tel. +48 32 290 19 15
fax: +48 32 290 19 16
KRS 0000236178
REGON 240109716
NIP 954-251-77-67