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We offer steel wire ropes mainly for domestic (Polish) mines extracting bituminous coal, cooper ores, salt, zinc and lead ores.

The volume of annual production is around 4 000 tons.

Our basic products are:

-       mining hoisting steel wire ropes:

·         carrying ropes – round strand: S, ST, WS, WK (WV), ‑ triangular strand, ‑ oval strand,

·         balance ropes – round, round-strand, two- and three-layer double twisted non-rotating ropes, flat sewed ropes,

-       steel wire ropes for suspended monorails and floor-mounted railways with rope drive and mining transport systems in level and slope excavations,

-       steel wire guide and fender ropes for mining shaft hoists.


Ropes and twisted lines of diameters from 10,0 up to 75,0 mm and constructions T, S, ST, W, F, WS are made of round, bare (uncovered) and galvanized wires. They are widely used as load strings. Recently, we started production of flat hoisting (carrying) steel wire ropes, balance ropes and multilayer non-rotating ropes of class 35(M)x7 as carrying hoisting ropes for deep shafts. In particular, we recommend triangular strand steel wire carrying hoisting ropes of unique construction PN-66/G-46602.

All the ropes that we manufacture have appropriate seals of approval and required manufacturing certificates, which attest their high quality, long life and safety of use.




We offer the following assortment groups:


1.     steel wire carrying hoisting ropes for shaft hoists (mining industry),

2.     steel wire balance ropes for shaft hoists (mining industry),

3.     steel wire guide and fender ropes for shaft hoists (mining industry),

4.     steel wire ropes for mining transport systems in level and slope /up to 45˚/ excavations (mining industry),

5.     steel wire ropes for casings’ rigging in hoisting winches for drilling mining hoists (mining industry),

6.     steel wire ropes applied in machines used in surface mining: excavators, dumping conveyors, stacking machines (mining industry),

7.     steel wire hoisting ropes for drill rig hoists (oil and gas fields),

8.     special use steel wire ropes for erecting masts of drilling rigs,

9.     transmission ropes, ballast ropes, stretching ropes and catlines for double rope systems, hoisting-transmission ropes and stretching ropes for aerial cable railway,

10.  transmission ropes for ski T-bar lifts,

11.  transmission ropes and hoisting ropes for overhead travelling cranes and gantry cranes,

12.  transmission ropes and hoisting ropes for grabs of travelling cranes,

13.  carrying ropes, hoisting ropes, stretching ropes, guy-ropes and catlines for travelling cranes,

14.  steel wire carrying and guide ropes for passenger and goods lifts,

15.  carrying twisted lines and guy-ropes for string constructions (building industry),

16.  cable-laid ropes of large diameters and twisted lines for suspension bridges,

17.  steel wire ropes for linkage systems,

18.  twisted guy ropes for instable constructions (masts, tower, chimneys),

19.  anchor lines for  drilling platforms,

20.  towing and mooring steel lines (navigation and sailing),

21.  steel wire drag ropes (sea fishery),

22.  steel wire ropes for road safety barriers (highway engineering),

23.  steel wire ropes for prestressed constructions, applied in tensioning of concrete (building industry),

24.  general use steel wire ropes,

25.  power wires and multi-wire cores for overhead power lines (power industry),

26.  spring wires – for production of springs (agriculture, building industry, furniture industry),

27.  steel wires used in production of wire fencing, reinforcement meshes, nails and binding wires (building industry),

28.  galvanized wires (gardening and floristics),

29.  general use steel wires - mild (bare wires), semi-hard and hard (bare and galvanized).

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