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The Management Board’s message

Thank you for your interest in the company “POLSKIE LINY”.
This company was established in 2005. We are considerably young company, but our production plant located in Sosnowiec at 2 Niwecka street goes back to ropes production in 1881 in a factory founded and established by Mr. Adolf Deichsel.
The company “Polskie Liny” has wide experience concerning production of steel wire ropes and wires – thanks to our 129 year-long tradition and experience, we can offer products and service that meet highest international standards.
Our technologically advanced products are used in following branches of industry:
• mining
• power industry
• shipyard industry
• building industry
• transport
• agriculture
Our company is successful thanks to professionalism of employees: both white collar and blue collar workers. Thanks to their knowledge and experience within the scope of production of ropes and wires, they became the best specialists in the branch, which was confirmed by Certificate of Quality Management System PN-EN ISO 9001:2008, granted to our company in November 2010.
Our machinery including unique and innovative machines as well as great experience in production guarantee success and constant development of the company “Polskie Liny”. The Management Board of the company “Polskie Liny Sp. z o.o.” has adopted following strategy to stimulate successive activity of the company:
- to extend service market with the use of present potential
- to look for groups of new customers
- to modernize infrastructure of the company in order to improve its effectiveness and quality
- to improve present Quality Management System
The above strategy helps to increase customers’ satisfaction and lower costs of production. Consequently, it contributes to company’s competitiveness and profitable activity.


Polskie Liny Sp. z o.o.
ul. Powstańców 17
40-952 Katowice
Zakład produkcyjny:
ul. Niwecka 2
41-200 Sosnowiec
tel. +48 32 290 19 15
fax: +48 32 290 19 16
KRS 0000236178
REGON 240109716
NIP 954-251-77-67