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Quality policy

The main goal of activity of the company “Polskie Liny Sp. z o. o.” is production of wires and ropes that meet our customers' requirements. 

We offer:
- wire rod, blank and galvanized wires, produced according to specified and defined norms used in steel industry
- wires in accordance with Polish and international norms,
- ropes produced according to Polish and international norms.

Our Company can adjust our products to an individual customer’s need.

The Management Board and each employee, during performing their tasks are obliged to:
- meet requirements of quality management system according to norm ISO 9001:2008,
- find and implement technical, technological and organization solutions in order to improve both products as well as quality management system,
- recognize constantly customer’s needs and expectations,
- establish stable relationships with customers.

The Management Board improves the quality management system by means of:
- setting up goals concerning quality and customers’ expectations, which influence good functioning of the company,
- employing competent staff,
- providing appropriate resources within the scope of media and infrastructure,
- reviewing functions of quality management system
and assessing its efficiency,
- cooperation with universities and institutions dealing with implementation of new technologies.

Customer’s satisfaction is crucial for us to achieve success.


Polskie Liny Sp. z o.o.
ul. Powstańców 17
40-952 Katowice
Zakład produkcyjny:
ul. Niwecka 2
41-200 Sosnowiec
tel. +48 32 290 19 15
fax: +48 32 290 19 16
KRS 0000236178
REGON 240109716
NIP 954-251-77-67